Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week 10 comments

I have had a pretty rubbish training 3 weeks, I have had to work in different work locations, meaning my cycling has taken a big hit, and have also had a cold on one week and then complete loss of energy the next!
A few highs though, on the 10th March, I achieved my first 10km run in 1hr 2 mins and felt really good, although I hurt for the next 2 days
On the 11th, I had my final fit for 2012 health and fitness assessment, which included a 2.12km cycle on an exercise bike as fast as I can, my time was 2mins 42 secs, and as of Thursday, I was the best time in my company, will wait until official results come out for final scores though :o).

I had been itching to get back on the bike, so yesterday, I took Sarah on the hardest 34 mile cycle that I do, going up towards Meon Valley and climbing Exton Hill up to Winchester Hill, was a great ride and she was amazing, head down and legs pumping! I felt good as it had been several months since I attempted it, and last year it used to kill me, yet I found it relatively easy going at a more moderate pace. I did the same route again today with Adam, and although more tiring going at a faster pace, still managed it with relative ease!

The route is 33.5 miles long and has a total climb of 1955 feet!

Almost forgot,  I AM IN THE 14 STONES!!!!!!! Such a superb feeling, I have had to bin 2/3rds of my wardrobe as my clothes no longer fit!

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