Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2nd Swim success

After watching Youtube, listening to advice given by friends I went to the pool for the 2nd time, HUGE success. I swam for roughly 40 minutes and had no issues with cramp, muscle fatigue or cardio. I went with a friend who I cycle with and he gave me some pointers which greatly improved technique, and after doing some more research online have confirmed that my main issue is breathing. When I actually did it right, my hole motion changed and I started to speed up.

I found a fantastic site http://www.swimsmooth.com/exhalation.html which detailed my exact problem

"The trick is to get used to exhaling into the water and feel relaxed doing it. This sounds easy but you need to break the existing habit, which can take some persistence."

 I am extremely happy that my issue is quite common and should go away with practice, so plan to go again Friday and practice, practice, practice!

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