Saturday, 21 January 2012

Week 2 comments

I have had a great week training, I didn't do any where near the normal amount of miles cycling as decided to take an easy week doing the shortest commute to work, but have had some great successes!

Through my work I have joined Hampshire health club, that has full facilities including an indoor and out door swimming pool, and after practising swimming, last night I finally made a break through and actually got my breathing sorted, I am 80% towards swimming freestyle correctly.

I also went for a 5km run today and found it quite easy, keeping a steady pace while the kids and Sarah joined me, with the kids on there bike and Lochlan becoming my pacer :o)

Lastly, and most importantly, I have reached my first weight loss goal of 16 stone 2 pounds, which is officially my lightest weight since I went past it 13 or so years ago!

Next week I plan to up my cycling commuting as well as continue to improve on my swimming!

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