Monday, 9 January 2012

feeling good

Cycled 15 miles today on my commute, and as soon as I got in I put the running kit on and went out for 2.5km's at the track, run 2 laps and walk 1 lap.

Have also had a great 3 days food wise and turned down some of my evil favourites... sausage's, bread rolls, feeling really positive!

In order to allow me to cycle to work I need to ensure I dont do to much running so that it makes my legs sore again, so easy build up is in order.

I have also had a few email conversations with some friends who have done a few Triathlons and they have pointed me to a place that sells ex-rental wet suits, as these can be costly but are a requisite for most outdoor swims, so will need to get one as well as aTriathlon suit....... who would have thought I would A) ever think about bying an all in one lycra suit and B) actually be quite excited about it :o)

30 mile work commutes for the rest of the week with my first swim session happening on Wednesday!

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