Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week 3 comments

Another awesome week, food consumption has been great, even with a weekend to Cardiff and an outing to Harvester! I would usually have a starter, combo main and pudding, about 2000 calories, yet I had a salad bowl to start, plain chicken breast for main and a treat of chips, total of 800 calories..... big result!

Swimming has come along in leaps and bounds and have entered the fast lane when swimming, averaging about 40 laps in half an hour (about 900 - 1000 metres).

Gratuitous hill shot
Sarah disappearing up the hill

Went for a cycle with Sarah in Cardiff, my gods do they grow hills, had to keep apologising to Sarah when the 15 mile route turned into a hard cycle of Caerphilly mountains! Will probably be a while before she trusts me again!

Running wasn't great this week, mainly due to the cycle mileage but also due to my trip to Cardiff, will hopefully increase this week.

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