Monday, 6 February 2012

monday mishap

The week started off really well, with a 5km run at the gym followed by swimming for 20 minutes, was pretty tired afterwords but woke up this morning feeling good and set off for Winchester on  my commute. The roads were great even after the weekends weather but reaching a stretch called five bridges road it was sheet ice and came off quite badly! The fall happened as if in slow motion with my right leg twisting up and to the side, and I thought at one point something was going to snap, but luckily managed to twist slightly and ease the pressure. Was lying on my back on the ice for about 10 minutes while feeling dizzy, and wanting to be sick, but managed to get back on my feet and cycle the 2 miles to the station.

My knee has swollen up and is very tender, but managed a relaxing swim this evening at the gym followed by a Jacuzzi, so lets see if that helps!

I finally had my Ride Accross Britain registration set up and have recieved my first training plan for February....... oh boy they expect a lot of cycling, sample below:-

I need to figure out how I can achieve this (maybe not while my knee is healing). Monday to Friday I can do with my commutes to work, but 4-5 hours on both Saturday and Sunday is a lot of Family time, so I need to work out whether two 2hr 20min rides in a day is the equivalent to one 4 hour ride, that way I can use my commute and cycle to and from Work.

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