Monday, 27 February 2012

Week 7 Comments

I had an excellent week, I went away on Holiday to Selsey with Sarah and her family as it was her mum's birthday, and even though I have put on weight due to Champagne and Sausages I managed to run, swim and cycle with Sarah and her Dad and Mum joining us on the cycles. It was also my first week being able to do any training after my bike accident!

Selsey is a nice place, and is completely flat, over our 25 mile cycle route which we did a couple of times I think the total elevation was about 40ft. I have never experienced this before, and as I was taking it a lot easier than normal managed to do some runs straight after, as well as running to the swimming pool (3.4km), swimming and then running back to the house for breakfast.

I also ran my furthest distance of 8km, and felt pretty good afterwards, so all in all I am happy with what I achieved, I know just have to work extra hard this week to shift the extra 4lb's!

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