Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week 5 comments

knee injury
Its been a pretty crap week, waking up on Tuesday I realised it wasn't just my knee that was damaged, but by leg, back, shoulders and neck! I didn't do any training until Thursday as I didn't want to risk my injuries getting worse, so kept it to swimming.

My technique has greatly improved and managed a personal best of 60 laps, 1320m with only slight knee discomfort.

Not training properly was a hard mindset with eating healthy, and had a few slips, but I am happy with 1 pound loss this week. My knee is still tender and stiffens up when not in use, so will give it another day before getting back on the bike, hopefully it will be recovered enough for some light cycling. The plan is to take it easy this week until I go on Holiday on Saturday, then if all is well concentrate on cycling and running over the holiday week and then weather permitting start introducing my 78 mile work commutes in March!

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